10 Daily Reminders for the Design Manager 

  1. Begin your day with mindfulness
    Give everyone a good morning greeting. It’s the simplest way to show that you’re aware and you care - and at no cost!

  2. Be positive
    Staying optimistic in the face of challenge builds a sense of harmony and security in your team. Yes, work can be stressful, and you can’t control everything. But you can always control how you respond.

  3. Be punctual
    This is a simple way to show you value everyone else’s time as much as your own. A leader’s never late.

  4. Make eye contact when spoken to
    Eye contact’s as integral a part of successful communication as listening or speaking. If someone’s taking the time to share their thoughts with you, honor it.

  5. Listen without interrupting
    A similarly easy but nonetheless important sign of respect. This has made me a better communicator and manager.

  6. Value the design review
    As a manager, I’m here to help my designers succeed; design reviews are integral to doing just that. They provide the rare opportunity to give undivided attention, encouragement, and focused feedback to your designers at an individual level. Developing concrete next steps at the review’s end also gives you something tangible to follow up on.

  7. Add a step-by-step agenda to all invites
    Any meeting that’s slow to start, disorganized and runs over is a major time suck. Everyone’s time is important, and setting an agenda respects that. I begin every meeting by reviewing the agenda. I stick to it, and before parting, quickly review what took place while discussing next steps. In the same vein as punctuality and considerate communication, this builds your team’s confidence in you. Simple.

  8. Taking responsibility
    As convenient as it is to be right, there’s no progress without fault. Admitting when you’re wrong can only help you - in learning for the future, in finding a solution sooner rather than later, and in building trust between you and your team.

  9. Show gratitude
    Thank your employees at the end of each day. Easy and effective.

10. Smile 🙂






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