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01/Talent Builder

Your most valuable assets are the people that can fully realize an idea. But achieving the right balance of talent and structure for your team can be challenging. Do skills match the type of work that’s needed? Are experience levels complimentary to company size? Do you need to overhaul the recruiting, annual review and promotion process? I can help you achieve the right balance and establish a team with a strong foundation to deliver on the work at hand and grow as your company grows.

Achieve team clarity and direction:

When we start, my job will be to research and develop the most effective approach your team can take, so each member can flourish individually while delivering as a unit. From objective planning to recruiting & retaing talent, my years of experience will help you put in place execution strategies that work now and enable you and your teams to smoothly tackle similar problems in the future.

Talent Builder process can include the following:

• Team Assessment

• Department Level Planning / Role Scoping & Responsibilities

• Open Candidate Description Creation 

• Leadership Development & Coaching

• Candidate Sourcing / Portfolio Review / Interviewing

• Onboard Success Planning

• Annual Review / Promotion Process .

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02/UX Knowledge Base

More often than not, the products that last are built by many hands - but how do those hands stay in sync? To craft an articulate and comprehensive brand vision, designers at every level of a product’s creation must become storytellers (and tell the same story).

Workshop your vision:

Building trust, creating a shared purpose and getting the team fully aligned with the company’s vision is what makes good teams great. I’ll help you communicate, educate and hone your brand vision with every person on your team - executives included - and look to integrate UX best practices into your existing processes. The more we’re all on the same page, the easier it will be to uncover and solve future implementation issues.

UX Knowledge Base process can include:

• UX Audit

• Design Process Creation

• Vision Planning

• Company-wide UX Training & Workshops

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