Here are some helpful design leadership resources I’ve collected. Feel free to share!

Self Assessment
Online tool: Handy sundial to rate your ability across 12 different UX skillsets, then save and share your personal sundial UR
Online tool: How good are your leadership skills?

Team Building
Article: Product design rolls and responsibilities
Article: Hiring designers

Team Evaluation
Collection of open source and public ‘progression frameworks’, examples of the tools that thousands of managers in tech are building for their teams to ensure that they feel valued at work
Article: Career progression framework creation
Article: Another article on frameworks. Done right, levels are the scaffolding that helps team members elevate
Article: The 8 competencies of user experience: a tool for assessing and developing UX Practitioners
Article: Managing talent strategically using career roadmaps
Article: Product design rolls and responsibilities

Team Management
Article: Balancing work and inspiration

Leadership Skills
Article: 8 qualities of a design leader