My approach to design is human-centered, and values beauty as much as accessibility.

Anthony Faria is a leader in branding, advertising, and human-centered design. He likes building multidisciplinary teams that foster communities to which their members can actively contribute; if the individual flourishes, so does the unit.  He believes functional design is as accessible as it is beautiful, and has applied this to over 15 years of holistic solutions in UX, mobile, web and branding.

While directing at AOL, Viggle, TimeWarner and a host of media companies, ad agencies and tech startups, Anthony perfected challenging his teams so they could thrive. At Viggle, he led an integrated creative team to deliver user-centered product designs across various platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and web. At AOL, he defined a vision for creative solutions that supported AOL’s 80+ brands and directed a team of art directors, designers, writers, producers, and web developers. At Handshake, a SaaS eCommerce platform, Anthony set the vision for product UX across their software suite, studying their users’ needs to build an instinctive, omnichannel experience.

Anthony is a Visiting Lecturer at the Pratt Institute and he teaches at RookieUp, a design mentorship platform.



My practice has taught me a lot over the past 20+ years, and I love to share what I’ve learned. I wrote a class on design leadership and currently mentor designers, helping them navigate their careers with confidence. Look for future online and offline courses here and subscribe to my newsletter where I share info on designing, team building and leadership. 

Course: Design Leadership Intensive
July / Summer 2019

For current or aspiring design managers, this course will provide a core set of interpersonal and communication skills that empowers them to make their best work and provides a renewed perspective on their ability to lead.

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Design Mentorship
One-on-one guidence 

Be they student or professional, I’m committed to helping designers with any aspects of their career: building or updating a portfolio, prepping for an interview, navigating the design world. You name it, I can help.

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Happy Campers

"Anthony is a detail-oriented, meticulous and ambitious design-leader. Whether he's personally cleaning up the look-and-feel of a simple web form or leading a team of designers researching, designing and building a new product from scratch, Anthony excels at building award-winning experiences that solve real problems and delight users. Simply put, Anthony is one of the best design leaders in the industry and certainly the best I've had the pleasure of working with."

Matt Story, Technology @ Google

"Anthony is a fantastic creative with strong instincts for good design. He's also a terrific manager who manages just as much as is needed. I would be delighted to work with Anthony again."

Jake Barlow, Design @ Google

"You are the best mentor I've ever met and I also told this to RookieUp. You did a good mock interview with me which helped me succeed in the real interviews. You also offered advice on how to prepare, what to talk about, how to behave, that's beyond my expectation and super helpful. I hope to schedule more sessions with you."

Yungi, recent student @ RookieUp


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